Maggie Zadikov, LAc, MAcOM, MA Ed
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Success Stories 

Acupuncture appointments with Maggie were my only relief during a tough first trimester of severe morning sickness. She has a wonderfully gentle touch, is very knowledgeable, and she listened carefully so she could tailor my therapy to the shifting symptoms I felt week to week. Plus, she’s created a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment which was hard to leave at the end of each session. I wanted to stay there the entire three months so she could take care of me!
-Tanya A.

Maggie is a magic maker. I believe that her acupuncture work was in large part responsible for my getting pregnant at the age of 50 and giving birth to a healthy, full-term baby at the age of 51. Not only did she provide fertility treatments. Once I became pregnant, she was responsible for ensuring that my fibroids didn't grow (that's magic!) and for keeping my blood pressure in check. Maggie is personal, lovable, warm, caring, upbeat and fun. You can't go wrong with Maggie!
-Lisa C.


I cannot thank Maggie enough for her wonderful healing touch. When my partner and I discovered we needed to go through IVF, it was the start of a fairly involved and somewhat stressful process. We did some research and found the acupuncture had been linked in some studies to a higher success rate in IVF procedures and our reproductive medicine doctor recommended it. We decided it was a small investment for a potentially big payoff. We were right! Maggie changed my whole experience of the process. I would come in frazzled, and leave calm and centered after our sessions. I don't know what was more valuable--her expertise or merely her presence, but whatever it was, it worked! We got pregnant on the first try, and we are blessed with a beautiful baby girl we named Francesca. I am forever changed and forever grateful. Namaste.
-Allison Frost






Contact Maggie to find out more - Home Office: 2501 SE Madison Ave, Portland, OR 97214 - Phone: 503-234-3219